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Aluminum circle for traffic signs

Aluminum disc/circle for traffic signs


1. Deep drawing cookware,

2. Aluminium circle for pot making,

3. Spinning cookware

4. Aluminium disk for pot

5. Traffic signs, road mark


Temper H0, H12, H14, H18, H22
Thickness 0.5mm-6.0mm
Diameter 180mm-1200mm
Alloy 3000 series
Product name 3003 deep drawing aluminium discs circles bright spinning aluminum circles


Aluminum discs circles are the most common material for cookware, pots, pans and kettles, traffic signs. It is cheap compared to stainless steel or copper. Thickness is the key of quality. For example an aluminum pan is all aluminum, heat spreads evenly over the total surface, increase the usage rate for the heat.


DC quality
Suitable for making cookware and following products:
•Stock pots •Fry pans •Tea kettles
•Pressure cookers •Pizza pans • Rice cookers
•Restaurant cookware • Coffee urns • Electric skillets
•Bakeware, Bread Makers • Stainless cookware bottom plates.

CC quality
Applications of our products:
• Recessed lighting • High bay industrial lighting
• Stress lighting •Traffic light reflectors
• Sports lighting.



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