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Color Coated Aluminum Roofing Sheet

Corrugated durable aluminum roofing sheet color coated sheets





Product Aluminium Roofing /CorrugatedSheet
Alloy 1XXX,3XXX
Thickness 0.4mm-10mm
Length O ,H12,H14,H16,H18
Color Customized
Package Wooden Pallet
Application wall,roof of factory, warehouse, garage,exhibition center and cinemas.
Remarks The Special Dimensions Can Be Produced According
Clients' Specification.


Series Grade Application Feature
1000 Series 1050,1060
reflecting plate,printing plate,
heatproof plate
-Easy to process and weld,resistant rust,
high conductibility of electric and hear, low strength
-Kinds of Cookware
3000 Series 3003,3004
Utensil(F/P,inside of rice cooker),
aluminum can,material for interior and exterior of building
-A3003:Anodizing Cook wares ,frying pan,
coating ,cooker, electric rice cooker,Mobile phone cover and Battry case
5000 Series 5083,5052,
Ship board heatproof apparatus,
material for interior and exterior of building,
Parts of Electronic tools, Automobile Components
-Easy to process and weld and superior hardness and hearproof
8000 Series 8011 kitchen utensils, Bottle cap -8000 series is durable to process with special alloy

Aluminum roofin sheet


1. Aluminum roofing sheet is lightweight ,durable and fits into the criteria of most builders and house owners.

2. Aluminum roofing sheet is becoming a popular choice for use in installations and buildings.

3. Aluminum roofing sheet is corrosion-resistant in almost any kind of environment.

4. Aluminum roofing sheet is easy to maintain and can be washed easily.


Widely used :


Aluminium Corrugated/roofing Sheets are widely used for roofing and wall paneling for industrial buildings, warehouses for high buildings, interior partition walls, and as pre-painted building sheets for decorative applications.



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