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3004 Aluminum roofing sheet

Professional 3004 aluminum roofing corrugated sheet durable for residential




1. Material: Aluminum alloy

2. Thickness:0.5-2 mm

3. Alloy:3004

4. Width:750-1200 mm

5. Temper:O,H12,H14,H16,H18,H24,H26...

6. Surface:Mill finish

7. Customized:Accept


What Are The Advantages Of Aluminum Roofing Sheets Over Other Roofing Materials?


1. Variety Of Colors Adds To The Beauty Of Your Home.

2. Aluminum is highly Malleable.

3. Installation Is Very Easy

4. Disassembly Is Easy


The application of Aluminium in construction and residential slowed in the 1940s, as early as the middle of the twentieth century, Aluminium became more and more popular in the construction of high-rise buildings and bridges. panels, domed roofs and other wide-span constructions.Today, it is used for roofs, wall board, air conditioning systems, solar protection, heating systems, furniture and many other things.


Series Alloy Application Feature
3000 Series 3004
material for interior and exterior of building

1. Easy to install and high strength

2. Various thicknesses and colors are available

3. Widely used as wall or roof of factory, warehouse, garage, exhibition center and cinemas

 4. Customized lengths are accepted


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