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Mill finish aluminum roofing sheet

High performance corrugated plate professional aluminum roofing sheet mill finish


Aluminum roofing sheet


Aluminum roofing sheet is easy to use,ecomomical to work with.

Aluminum roofing sheet is extremely light with high-strengt-to weight ratio.

Aluminum roofing sheet  is corrosion-resistant in almost any kind of environment,

Aluminum roofing sheet gives the sheet a long life and keeps it looking good throughout its life.




Type Aluminum roofing sheet
Alloy No. /Grade AL3xxx (3003.3004.3105)
Temper O H
Thickness 0.5-5mm or as required
Packing Wooden pallets or as required

wall or roof of factory, warehouse, garage,exhibition center and cinemas.


Thickness: +/-0.02mm  Width:+/-2mm

Length We can adjust the length according to your request


1. Aluminum has good anti-rust effect, in the outside environment, the rain, the sun and snow can not cause little damage of aluminum.

2. Aluminum roofing sheet is durability. If properly installed, these roofing sheets can easily last for 25 to 50 years. 

3. Aluminum roofing sheets can be treated and coated with chemicals. They are also resistant to rot and rust, and insects like termites.

4. Aluminum roofing sheet can replace the stainless steel materials to a large extent, and with lower cost at the same time.



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